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Using luer Slip Needles


Like an idiot I wasn’t paying attention and ordered the slip type of needle. They attach fine, but of course, there isn’t a locking twist to it.

Nervous that it’s gonna just slip off the syringe. Anyone use these?


I’ve been using these with no issue. I just make sure to push very hard so it sits on the syringe securely, and then I make sure I’m extra patient and don’t try to force the oil out fast during injection, as too much pressure on the plunger and the needle could theoretically pop off and make a mess!


Thanks for the comments. Just nervous about spilling test all over the place.


Dude I used these for 15 years of bodybuilding and can’t remember ever having a single one slip off…


They just are held on w friction correct?


Yes, just push them on with a little twist and you’re gtg.