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Using Low Rep Calisthenics to Build Muscle


Hey guys was doing some calisthenics today and was wondering if i was doing my sets till failure and my reps per set lowered due to fatigue eg 55,30,20,14,12,11,10 would the sets im doing where i was getting in the 8-12 rep range be building muscle?

Any knowledge would be appreciated



Sure, why not.


What kind of Cals were you doing? If you were doing multiple sets from 55-20 reps I would say you were just wasting energy by the time you got to 8-12. If you can do a calisthenics movement for 55 reps then it's time to do a harder variation of that if you wan't to keep getting stronger.


I was doing push ups mate. Say i could do 50 dips for example if i started doing weighted dip with say 10 kg then got those reps up to 50 per set, then did it with 15 kg and got those up to 50 do you reckon it would build some decent muscle because of the progressive resistance or not really because i am still not working in the low rep range?


That would build muscle but it would be more effective to use heavier weight and less reps, especially in the long run.