Using Liquid and Pill Tamoxifen (Nolvadex)

I alread have about a 30 day supply (10mgs) of perscribed tamoxifen. It looks like my luck has run out in getting more. I am going towards getting the rest of what I need in liquid form. I have a good idea as to who to order from, reviews are great and it seems like one of the most used suppliers on here. My question is has anyone used both liquid and pill form at the same time??

I know potency may be an issue so I figured take 10mg in pill form in the AM then spread the rest of my dosage out in the rest of the day. First week is 40mgs, 2nd and 3rd week is 30, 4th week is 20. Does this sound solid to anyone? please give me feedback.

Liquid form works just depends on the source