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Using Light Explosive Squats for Deadlift Warmups


Hi Jim,
i just experienced with some really light squats before deadlifting. 3 triples around 55-60%. After that i was already warmed up for deadlifts an the weights flew up while everything was tight, stable and felt good.

Do you or anyone else have an opinion about that? Maybe you also figured out something like this. For me i worked better than the other stuff i do before deadlifting to get ready.


Sure - it honestly doesn’t matter at all. Wouldn’t make a difference if you did or didn’t do it. So if it helps, so be it. Honestly, we do so much jumping and throwing that we knock two birds with one stone.


I see. It seems to be some kind of a neural prime. But the jumping and throwing will be added later in the future. Thanks reminding me.