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Using LGD to Lower SHBG?

Im currently on trt, my doctor is a guy who lets you decide what feels best for you and has me on 500mg sustanon a week. I know this isnt really trt but i dont need to run an ai or even have high estrogen plus im on on 3000ui hcg a week so im going to stay on this at the moment. My question is am I correct in assuming your free testosterone level is what increases your anabolic capacity and total testosterone has little impact on muscle growth? If this is the case theoretically could I use lgd to lower my shbg therefor increasing free test levels? My current shbg level is 43 on a scale from 15-85, from previous bloodwork I know i can reduce my shbg level to 7 by taking 10mg lgd for two weeks. Since this would free up lots of testosterone would I experience more muscle growth? and if so to what deggree?

Proviron is a much smarter choice if the goal is to lower SHBG without incurring any other side effects.

But does proviron actually lower shbg? Doesnt it just bind with a higher affinity to shbg inadvertently increasing free test?

Your Dr is very progressive, could you post his ph number? (just kiddin)

Same end result. I suppose something like winstrol would be better, but since proviron is so mild and generally the safest steroid out there it should fit the OP’s needs.

I’ll be the devils advocate here and say try the LGD if you’ve run it before and had results. Or if you’re susceptible to androgenic side effects, and rather not stack in another compound that would possibly increase them (DHT compounds and receding hairline dont typically work out so well for example).

I myself ran an heavy (20mg/day) LGD cycle when I was trying to ‘stay natty’ and hated it, shut me down hard. I have post cycle bloods to prove it, that I’ve posted once before. But I imagine had I had test along with it I would have been fine, as my lifts were going up along with my weight, I just felt like shit.

Then there may also be cost, I dunno what it runs now but sarms were generally cheap in comparison.

I’ve ran lgd before at 10mg with good results, I never felt too suppressed and I think it was because bloodwork showed total test at 250, I think the scale was 300-1000 being normal. My shbg level was incredibly low at 7 so my free Testosterone level was pretty much exactly in the middle of the normal range. I think this is why I felt alright. I was thinking that since now my total test wouldn’t be lowered by running lgd my free test would skyrocket resulting in bigger gains from the same test dose. I was thinking this potentially has the implication that running a smaller test dose with a small lgd dose could produce the same gains as running lets say twice the test dose without as high risk of side effects. Any thoughts on this? Maybe the gains from a lgd and test cycle are larger then one would expect as this lowered shbg is never accounted for? Just my broscience thoughts

Well, not really sure to be honest with you, as I think you’d still want to keep total test in a normal range. Which, from the lab I got mine done at, the reference range is 250-1100 ng/dl. So 250 is quite on the low end, so I’d run whatever you need to get it into normal-high range.

A thought occurred to me though, wouldnt unbound (free) test be more susceptible to aromatisation? I would have to research what LGD (I assume 4033? I know there was were two different ones on the market) binding affinity to the androgen receptors is vs test. From what I understand free test wont do much good if you have other compounds with a higher binding affinity in enough volume to take up the available receptors.

That was after the lgd cycle I take 500mg test a week now, I think you wouldn’t be competing for receptors i would think both would bind, you can stack steroids. I guess ill just give it a go and see what my free test does and how that makes me feel

This is stupid. Say you’ve got 1000ng/dl TT and an SHBG of X and you’re free T is 800 pmol/l, you take LDG, drop SHBG to 7, now you’re TT drops to 700 ng/dl… do you REALLY think you’re free T will be higher? Probably not… the drop in total T (and thus free T being maintained) is likely correlated with the lowering of SHBG. Increase test dose + drop SHBG and you’ve got an argument.

500mg test/wk long term isn’t TRT, it’s a full on blast and will (probably) cause cardiac pathology in the long run provided you’re a normal individual with regard to testosterone metabolism. Unless you’re massive, a competitor/athlete or have PAIS. What you’re doing is absolutely NOT a good idea long term in respect to longevity, of course you feel great on such a high dose… who wouldn’t, the body however is not designed to systemically absorb 2.5-5x normal male concentrations of hormones on a yearly basis.

If you’re well aware of the risks and potential complications, then that’s fine. Real LGD at 10mg/day will do a fat number on you’re lipid profile

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My total T isnt going to change this time because im on testosterone, reducing my shbg levels will increase my free T but the total amount I have inst going to change. Anyway it should not matter if your total T goes down or even halves, its not biologically active. The free test is all that should matter.

I know its a lot but calling it a full on blast is a bit much, I know the risks i a have a full blood test every month for free in my country and monitor everything so its at least as safe as it can be.

It’s a full-on blast. Calling it by name doesn’t make it so. It simply is, irrespective of what words we use.

What is your TT on that dose?

I usually attribute blasting as multiple steroids, 450-500mg test a week is a pretty low first cycle. Tt. Is 3500

Some people can tolerate larger dosages then others, some need to run a Ai on 300mg test I dont on 500. My. Bloodwork hasnt changed sin getting on the test over the last 4 months, lipods are perfect. And every other marker my doc looks for is well within range. It appears that my body is tolerating the increased test without a single side effect, not even acne, the only side effect was instant rease from years of depression and anxiety, this why i started it in the first place as a last resort; Now do I plan to run 500mg a week lifelong? I couldn’t say: maybe if every measurable perameter of my Bloodwork showed I was perfectly healthy then why would I stop

15+ years down the road if something was was flagged on m monthly blood work I take the neseccary action and reduce the dose


Yeah, that’s not trt, that’s just a perma-blast. You’re at 3.5x the top end of the normal range. Is your doctor an actual doctor or is he a dealer who has a medical license? Because no doctor—even in the least developed parts of the world—would think that what you’re doing is remotely close to trt.

LVH doesn’t show up in blood work. Neither do a lot of other things. Good blood work =/= good health. What country are you in? What’s the standard of care vs the US?

Edit because I cannot type today, apparently.

Anyway I’ll post a before and after blood yest to see what effect what 4 weeks has had on my blood work and how the gains felt

This sounds a lot like what redditors on the steroid section would say. Bro: blast multiple compounds and closer to a gram of test for the gainz.

He’s a medical doctor and I’m in Australia, the government does not cover the cost of the medicine but does covert he doctor and blood work fees

I don’t mean like that, I was just interested if you could use a mild secondary compound to greatly enhance the effect of the primary compound