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Using Levothyroxine as a Weight Loss Aid?



Just reading about under active thyroids and basically this drug can increase the activity of your thyriod leading to weight loss..

Since this is to do with hormones, could this be used for both weight loss (through the increased activity of the thyroid) and manipulation of test?

Maybe im just being crazy, im high.


Bodybuilders often use T4 (the drug you mentioned) and T3 (the more powerful thyroid hormone) to drop fat.

Do a search in teh steroid forum on T3/T4 and read.

No it will not affect testosterone.


First try some hard work, or a V-diet, to lose weight before you mess around with your hormones.


im not meaning to try it. Just a question that popped into my head while doing some research into my cramping calves.

A V-Diet is impractical to me for many reasons, especially since i live in scotland and compete at strongman.


A friend did this with good results, but a very low dose. The danger with the thyroid hormones is that they increase oxidation of both fat and muscle, so at high doses the catabolism increases beyond what you'd want.


This has came up because i was searching for reasons why my calves constantly cramp up after training sessions.

I tick off some of the symptoms of an under active thyroid:
weight gain
always tired
no motivation etc

At low Doses + lots of BCAA and a well dialed in diet, I assume id still be able to increase strength?

I think id rather maintain my current tiredness etc if taking T3 would effectivily dissolve my strength...


Not at low doses. At low doses, IF you have low output, it will simply normalize your levels and normalize your metabolism. Taken on top of already normal levels and in doses of say 150 to 200 mcg, the chance increases of adverse ffects. Bottom line- use with caution if not under medical supervision.