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Using Leucine


(I know there exist several Leucine threads already, but I wanted to see if anyone had any new insight...)

Just wanted to see who among us is using Leucine, and if so, what kind of results they're getting.

I admittedly haven't done a lot of reading into it, aside from the article here on T-Nation, and have thus far been taking it along with meals to enhance protein synthesis. Are there any other ways people are using it?



In my workout shakes and breakfast shakes.

You probably wont see dramatic results from it. You may not NOTICE any results unless you are extremely strict with tracking your diet and training and life (stress, physical activities, etc)

The science is pretty strong regarding it's importance in triggering muscle growth.


  • 1, not only does Leucine have dramatic effect on protein synthesis , it's ability to retain muscle while dieting is also pretty crucial.


Yes. In fact I just received another tub of it. I use L-Leucine in my workout drink. Sometimes pre and post shakes as well.


Thanks for the feedback guys...

I use a BCAA blend in my workout drinks which already contains a hefty dose of Leucine - is there any reason I should omit this and put straight leucine in its place?