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Using Iodoral - Weight/Fat Went Up?


Strated using Iodoral(potassium iodide) 12.5 mg per day and weight/fat went up?
What to do?


potassium iodide reduces the efficiency of selenium…you probably have reduced thyroid gland function which is one of the side effect of potassium iodide oral…why u using iodoral??


Thanks bowly, for replay.
i started using iodoral after reading article in T nation, about iodine deficite in diet and that can lead to trouble staying lean - and i definitely have big problem saying under 14-15 % BF.


Taking iodoral might not be a very good thing. Took it once a few years ago and now I have a multi-nodular goiter. It’s not too bad, thyroid is functionning but still. Some people ended up the same.


check your tsh…you might have to go on thyroxine after dr consultation