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Using Intra-Workout Carbs for Cardio?

Hey Thib,

you often advocate the use of intra-workout carbs to lessen the cortisol response for providing energy. Can the same concept be applied to cardio/skills training? For someone like me who has to do a lot of sport-speficic skills training it, it should be a good strategy to negate the effects of cardio on strength development.

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Hey bouncy42,

Coach Thib has a good video about the subject on his youtube channel. It’s definitely worth checking out. The video’s called ‘using carbs to boost your gains’ in which he gives you the down low on why, when and how to use carbs peri-workout.

Carbs are great intra workout for cardio and/or high volume training. The trick is to find the right amount for you as to little or too much carbs can make you underperform. It depends on the context.

Thanks brother!

Just quickly looked through the video and it seems like that was exactly the kind of information I was looking for.

Have a great week

You’re welcome mate, thank you for watching. Extra views boost coach Thib’s motivation to pump out more gold standard content on his youtube channel, so everyone wins!

Primary goal of this cardio -fatloss or more performance/for a specific sport?

…if young and/or hitting very hard conditioning then go ahead with carbs.
If older or mainly want fatloss might want to start off with something like EAAs