Using Insulin Syringe for Injection

I have been doing IM injections in my glutes since i started. Last week i noticed i was down to my last two syringes and ordered more. I still have not received them and tomorrow morning is my next shot. Can you do an IM injection with an insulin syringe ? Would it work in the delt area ? Or should i just hold up and see if my syringes arrive tomorrow afternoon and do the shot at night ?


Unless you over react to hormonal fluctuations, that would be fine.

I use a 30 Gauge, 5/16 in the delts.

I’ve used a 30g 1/2” in the delt without any issues.

@smash10033 I use needles twice and inject with insulin syringes IM in the delt. 28g 1/2 inch needle 1CC

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whats your bf% that’s very very short , unless your 5-6% I doubt you’re reaching im injection

I’m 31% BF and always hit muscle with a 1/2" 29 gauge insulin syringe when injecting in the shoulders and quads.

I’ve seen obese people in the OR during proximal humerus & distal clavicle surgery and the fat layer is very thin. Much thinner than you’d think.

Just did my delt with the insulin… wow… other than loading the needle… that was the easiest shot i have done yet !!!

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5/16 is extremely short tho and how do you know you always hit the muscle @sytemlord

how thin u talking dextermorgan ???

why does anyone use a 1" at ll then ??

I am also curious… using the 1/2 insulin syringe in my delt was so much easier than shot i have been taking in my glute… i am questioning why i did not switch sooner.

Because I know the difference between hitting muscle and going into fat tissue, it feels completely different. When I go into muscle, there is a lot more resistance, there is no resistance going into fat tissue.

I’m using the 27 g 5/8 , just my preference and A bit longer . But yes extremely easy and productive

Resistance of the needle going in or the oil being injected ?

If you’ve done sub-q & IM for long enough you can kind of feel a difference.

I believe system is referring to the oil in that statement. It requires a little more force than sub-q.

What’s the difference if you go SQ or IM?


The needle going in, muscle is more dense than fat tissue.

You do not need 5 percent body fat to use a 5/16 inch in the delt. At that level the skin is literally paper thin. I also shoot in my lateral quads as well.

yea and under that is subq fat ,