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Using Insulin Only on High Carb Days

Currently Bulking on Cyclical Ketogenic Diet, i have followed this diet style for years and never looked back.

Setting up to use insulin 3 times a day with LARGE carbohydrate meals over my 48 hour carb loads only (6 injections over 2 days). Got my self Novorapid.

My question is would this cause a Massive anabolic drive of nutrients over the weekend and really help my gains along, seeing as a spike in insulin is the whole purpose for the high carb phase of the diet to raise leptin, store glycogen etc.

Does insulin have to be used over the whole week (defeating the purpose of low carb/insulin weekdays) over a certain period of time (6 week cycle for instance) to really reap the rewards? Want to know if using 2 days a week would supercharge my carb loading and gains/recovery over the weekend.

On a side note i am a heavy AAS user who uses blast and cruse method so am well experienced with AAS, new to insulin though, so if using on my carb-loading phase, please provide example dosing and timing protocols. (already have bought myself blood glucose meter by the way)


Your lack knowledge of insulin’s anabolic mechanism (and mechanism in general), and your inexperience regarding the use of such dangerous compounds make me think you should rule out the slin, and run some test,deca and dbol. Insulin injections can and will kill you at the slightest mistake.

Hence why i didn’t just start shooting it.
Information on its mechanism and how to administer the drug would be much appreciated

Make sure you get a glucometer and learn how to use it. Once you are familiar with that, you can start with insulin, but start small and see what your body does with it. I use Humulin R. It is relatively slow acting so I find it easier to work with. I use it on my carb up days.

The key with insulin is start small, learn how your body responds, have a glucometer, don’t take it too close to night time (you don’t want to wake up dead), have fast acting carbs with you all all times. When in doubt, take more carbs.

Insulin is powerful and deadly so be careful and smart.