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Using Injectable/Instantaneously Acting Epinephrine for Personal Security

Hey all. This is my first post in the Pharma section, and I know that the topic of what I’m asking really doesn’t belong here, but I’m desperate.

Backstory: I live in a dangerous home situation where my physical liberty and personal safety is at stake every single day. There is no rhyme or reason to this, my severely autistic brother is prone to severely violent outbursts and unfortunately happens to be much stronger than Eddie Hall. When he was 11, he threw 500 pounds of manpower off him without so much as breaking a sweat. Now, he’s 23, my height (5’9”) and he outweighs me by 120 pounds. I’m as strong and fit as any well-trained man and probably stronger than most, but dealing with him is just impossible because once he has you, there’s no escaping him until you severely hurt him. Case in point, I have to carry bear spray.

My question - how well would injectable epinephrine work for keeping myself and my family safe in the event of another one of these outbursts, and what dosage would I have to take? I’m otherwise completely drug-free, and wouldn’t be looking to use it on a daily basis. It would be for emergency purposes only (for example, I’m in the car and my brother flips out and attacks my dad while he’s driving on the highway - this has happened before). I’m not asking for sources, I have those already. I just can’t really find information on this topic elsewhere.

Thanks all.

Ephedrine is not going to act like adrenaline. You would certainly get a burst of energy, but I don’t know if it’s going to do enough to overcome the weight and strength differential you’re describing. You can try it, but I wouldn’t count on it. You’d be better off learning a few defensive movements that use an attackers momentum against them. Krav Maga or Jiu Jitsu would give you more of a fighting chance than ephedrine.

You could get a restraining order. He would have to move out. I don’t think much is needed for a restraining order?

Jiu-jitsu is your best bet like @iron_yuppie said. You can learn how to use a persons weight/size against them. That said, keeping a stun gun/taser in your pocket is another good idea for the time being.

I already have my black belt in martial arts and an 11-year background in hand to hand combat. The burst of energy would only be needed to escape the situation whereas I otherwise wouldn’t be able to, I’m not looking to engage in combat with him.

He’s severely autistic, he’s not in control of this. I definitely should have specified that in my post.

That means nothing. Jiu-jitsu is another animal. You can’t hand to hand combat someone 120lbs larger than you no matter how good you are.

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That’s a good point, and I will definitely take up Jiu-Jitsu. Thank you for the advice. If it matters, he doesn’t know how to fight very well (he just grabs you and chokes you out), but his brute strength definitely makes him a formidable opponent.

My brother too. Here is much smaller though. I have 80 lbs in him.

But he will come right up, grab my arm and take a bite.

Yup, my mom suffered bites that broke the skin and sent her to the hospital.

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It is quite hard for others to understand the craziness of their actions. I’m still occasionally surprised.

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Look up Krav Maga

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If that’s the case then yes, ephedrine would be better than nothing at all. But you’d have to inject it fast, hit a big muscle, and hope that it kicks in fast enough.

Sounds like he might need to be in a facility, as bad as that sounds. There is no reason you should all have your lives at risk on a daily basis.

Sorry you have to deal with this. I’ve heard angel dust gives quite a strength boost?


They actually mention the drug epinephrine which is adrenaline. Though, I don’t quite understand how that would help, just to give you the strength to fight him off? I don’t know if it would work for that or not or if so at what dose. Probably kind of dangerous.

I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but if you brother is that bad off perhaps he should be in a care facility that knows how to work him. I understand it may not be your choice though, if your parents won’t consider it, then perhaps it’s time to move out.

It’s a tough spot you have there, good luck.

Wouldn’t inject adrenaline, there’s more to it than inducing hysterical strength, the tremors, the rapid heart rate, tunnel vision… feeling of impending doom/panic… not the best option

May I suggest some fat rocks (crack) or some nice shards (crystal meth)… and they’d probably have the same side effects with the added incredibly high potential for addiction

Obviously I’m joking here… Krav Maga is a very good martial art for learning how to quickly incapacitate one or multiple individuals regardless of size

Accidentally smoked cannabis laced with angel dust once (PCP, second time I’d ever tried cannabis)… can confirm… it’s horrific and fun at the same time… but far more awful than fun… accompanied by a vivid dissasociative effect, felt like I was losing touch with reality, the whole room looked squished/warped, intense optical slicing, mild hallucinations, lasts a while too… oh and mania… induced a state of mania… I seriously didn’t know at the time whether I was ever going to come out of it

Other kid who tried it (unbeknownst to me) a few days prior had a seizure, no history of seizures… incredibly bad for the heart, brain, gallbladder etc

The strength it induces is fucking superhuman though… but a RHR of like 130 is offputting

2/10 wouldn’t do again

How much I had is unknown… I recall it wasn’t that much because when it kicked in (took about 10-15 min for the pcp aspect to kick in) and I quickly realised “shit… this isn’t cannabis”

Edit: I’ll also add it didn’t smell much in the box (was ground up too) and when it burnt the smell was very peculiar

I guess my message here is… be careful, even cannabis can be laced in this unregulated market


That would be the ideal situation.

He should have been in a facility the first time he beat up my mother in the car when I was 7, or that time he ripped every last strand of hair out of her head when I was 13 and powerless to do anything. I’m moving out in a few months anyway, I’m working 2 jobs for the double purpose of burying all of my feelings while sober AND making money for moving out.

I’ll try angel dust, thank you.

Thanks for the well wishes.

I will definitely need to look into that.

I took krav for a couple of months last year and they got right down to it in the first class. Talk with the instructor ahead of starting and explain your situation. You have a specific situation/person that you need to defend against & hopefully they’ll tailor your first few classes to help you out from day 1.

I look forward to trying to restart, I really enjoyed it.


Please don’t actually try Angel dust. It’s a horrible drug. Some folks just report super human strength as it inhibits your feeling for pain.

Put him in a facility man. Don’t leave your mom helpless home with him!