Using I,BODYBUILDER - Just a Thanks


I just wanted to say that Ive been using the I,BODYBUILDER rountine for about 6 weeks now. At first I was quite skeptical of the low rep (3 rep) excerises as Ive always been in the 10-20 camp. However I printed out the workouts and followed them. What a difference it has made in my physique let alone my strength. Everything has gone through the roof in the strength category and Im finally (after 32 yrs. of training) getting that hard vascular look. I was benching 365 from pins this past Thursday (my final set on a ramp) and it was light.

Never would I have ever attempted it. Then when I went to the full ROM on bench 315 was a breeze. Was squatting 455 from pins and I had struggled with 315 for full reps. I just wanted to tell you personally thank you and that your methodology works beyond belief. I never got the “perfect rep” theory or “explosive move” until I studied and applied it.

Regards Dave