Using HGH or MK 677 to Heal Gut

Hi, I’ve been having problem with IBS for 3 months now, It all started when I stopped using testosterone, I am 100% sure that my hormones messed up my gut cause Ive never had this problem before, anyway, I’ve been studying a lot about it, since I have not had any success other than make it a little bit less uncomfortable using medications and a clean diet.

Has anyone here had an experience where HGH actually helped to heal your gut as a secondary side effect?

I have a brand new MK 677 on hand, but Im only onto my first week of two of Ibs treatment and I dont wanna add anything into the mix even tho it could be beneficial, my only worry is how Am I gonna react to the MK.

Feel free to share your experiences and opinions

I’d think you’re probably better off going to a doctor… get some advice from a medical professional

HGH can help regarding treatment of short bowel syndrome, but this isn’t you’re case… The current cause of IBS isn’t currently known… Alterations within gastrointestinal flora may be partially to blame, as may hyperawareness etc… I don’t think performance enhancing drugs are the answer here… but they could be… who knows?

Do you have a formal, medically recognised diagnosis of IBS? If not, I think that’d be a good first step


The one compound that the literature shows can actually heal your gut is BP 157. I’ve used it myself with good results, wont go into detail here but there’s plenty of info on this peptide online.

October 2022 I took about 20mg/day of MK-677 for about 2 months. Lost a lot of body fat. Then I started having pressure, pains, and bloating in my lower abdomen. I got nervous and went to see a doctor. My blood work came back normal. I’ve had a CT Scan and they’ve found nothing. I’ve had a colonoscopy and they’ve found nothing. I’ve been to a Urologist who also says there is nothing wrong with me that he can see.

Haven’t touched it since, but my lower abdomen is still not right. Could I have a case of Bubble Gut?

This is weird because I’ve scoured the internet, and cannot find anyone else having the same experience as I have.