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Using Havoc for 16 Week Cut?


well I'm from ireland and havoc has become huge over here of late. I'm 21 years of age and have looked up a lot about it and am looking for help from anyone with experience. first time users, what would be the main thing to watch out for, I've heard ed is a side affect, along with many others obviously.
dosages for first timers?
im also wondering how this would fair on a 16 week cut?


That's not a drug you take for four months, dude. By the end of that time, your liver would be screaming.

Check out the newbie cycle sticky at the top of the steroid page, there's lots of good info in there. Also, check out the prohormone/prosteroid sticky, in case you are gung-ho on using a prohormone.

I would tell you that there are better options out there, however do what you will. I would suggest that you post a few more stats like height, weight, training experience, diet, and rough body composition though, as in it's current form your thread is not likely to garner much advice from the vets from whom you want it.

Good luck.


for a first timer, 4 weeks; 6 weeks max.


im 6,2 , 220 pounds about 14 per cent bf. i know i mean I plan on using it for some stage during the 16 weeks for 4 weeks!
is a serm necessary or will recersitol do for it? also what are the better options? I'm hearing this is close to the strongest ph on the market


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it's not a PH. It's a designer steroid.

Yes, you obviously need a SERM.

Spend 10 minutes using the search function and stop asking dumb questions.


apologies, just a lot of places i look people are saying that reversitol is ok for the pct instead of a serm!

can i ask if you know whether it is the down regulation of t production which causes the side affect of ed or is it the pct itself


This doesnt really make sense.
ED can be caused by various things, PCT is supposed to recover your hormones back to homeostasis after being shutdown. However if you dont have bloodwork before you use any sort of steroid you are shooting yourself in the foot as you will never know if you have truely recovered.


this is my first go and have been reading up, there is obviously a few things that need to be ironed out but thats to be expected. reason I'm worried so much is because i study med and understand a lot about proper aas but can't really be using that as it would be bad for rep.

can i ask for critique

on cycle- week1 10 first day 20 rest of week
week 2 30
week 3 30
week 4 40
supps-fish oil, multi vit, milk thistle, some caffeine,

post cycle, nolvedex, tribulus, milk thistle, creatine, bcaa, caffeine,


Im doing med too, what year are you in currently?
With steroids your not going to look 'jacked' or like ronnie coleman from one cycle, it will not be as obvious as you make out to be.
Havoc in my experience is not really worth the shutdown, I ran it the same way as you a couple of years ago and I didnt like it at all.
If you are scared of injecting (cant be while doing med) then try a cycle of an oral such as Dbol and run a proper PCT as you would with Havoc.


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im in first year in ireland. ye i completely understand that bit, didn't expect it, only a few pounds gain which is what i would expect.
im not completely sure what shut down would entail, with havoc for example? test atrophy and test suppression i presume? so that means bad sex? no erections etc? and would the serm compound this or actually make it better?
would the sides of dbol not be greater than havoc?


Oh my God, I can't read one more retarted question from you.
You need to read thread after thread on 5 different forums for a year.. You don't have a clue yet.
I did a cycle of epistane 3 years ago(before I knew better)
It went 30/40/40/40/40, Clomid 50,50,25,25
I ran cycle support and another gram of milk thistle ed.
Nobody explained how to lay this out and put on 10 pounds from a shitty DS, I had to look it up all by myself....
P.S. You aren't going to get erectile dysfunction from epi. Please read more...


I had to look it up all by myself " aren't you great you soldier, I'm asking for reassurance and question some things i have read not asking for someone to make me a cycle u dumb shit