Using Gonadorelin to Reverse Testicle Shrinkage

Been on TRT for about 7 weeks now and Dr has given me Gonadorelin…2 injections a week. I have really had no stand out problems with trt so far, but have noticed what I feel is a little testicular shrinkage. Has anyone had success with taking this to reverse?

Sorry, but this very likely isn’t going to work as there is no good substitute for HCG. If Gonadorelin did work effectively to reverse testicular shrinkage, everyone with testicular shrinkage on TRT would be using it.

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I see, well thank you the response

He also said it would boost my natural production again.

Clinics keep pushing this as a replacement for HCG. Anything to charge guys and keep $$$ coming in.

The HL of Gonadorelin is about 2-10 minutes; it’s used IV as a pump to administer a small amount 6-8x daily. Twice a week, at a large dose, will have an immediate but non-lasting effect on LH/FSH. And that’s questionable while on TRT. I would get labs to confirm

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The real reason your doctor is prescribing it is because of the $$$$. Since HCG has been ban, clinics are looking to recoup losses from not being about to prescribe HCG.

Some are even using clomid in conjunction with TRT and others are pushing Gonadorelin.

That fact that your doctor told you that injecting Gonadorelin twice weekly will increase testosterone naturally, in conjunctions with TRT, he is either being dishonest or is doing so out of pure ignorance.

I wouldn’t want this doctor treating if either of these scenarios are true.


I have to say, may be time to just walk on the trt. Nothing seems to be straight up about it any longer. I admit, I have had some success from it but may be time to just let my body try to recover and start producing again. Only been on 7 weeks.


I suppose you were prescribed TRT because you’re hypogonadal. Why would you forgo treatment for an actual medical problem?

What do you mean by not straight up? It’s simple. You have a problem, you take medicine for it. That’s about as straight up as a situation can get.

If you are hypogonadal you will not miraculously become eugonadal.

Testicular shrinkage is not always corrected with medicine. I’ve had atrophy of about 50 percent (as estimated by my urologist) for years and up to 3000 IU of HCG with TRT did not correct this one bit. Even a relatively short run with HCG mono therapy with 9,000 IU per week did not correct atrophy. I don’t care one bit about this though as I only took HCG to gave children, not with the intent of correcting atrophy.

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Men with low normal Total T (<550) have a 30% increased risk of having a cardiovascular event and dying from any cause.

Assuming you had low normal testosterone pre-TRT, is any of this acceptable to you just because of some testicle shrinkage?


I actually don’t know why men care about this.


Fair statement. Your thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you again for the response.

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Usually younger, single guys are more likely to be self conscious regarding atrophy.

One wife, sitting in on consult with her husband, said to me, “I don’t care what you say, the boys aren’t going away.” Some others expressed the same sentiment.

Usually, it’s, “as long as the other thing works, I don’t care.”

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