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Using GHRP-2 to Sleep Less?


I am interested in using GHRP-2 peptide to improve the quality of sleep and to sleep less hours.
I work, study, train, have a thousand projects in mind, social life… I miss hours in the day, and sometimes I sleep less than I should, causing me to not be 100% the next day and be tired.
My goal in using GHRP-2 is to get less sleep (5-6 hours) and be 100%.
Does this substance have the ability to give these benefits?
What dose would be recommended for sleep enhancement purposes alone?

Thank you very much and best regards.

Hehe not anymore

Whether GHRP impacts sleep may depend on initial status, one study if I recall looking at dose dependent response to GH (remind you the pharmacokinetics of synthetic GH/GHRP differ quite a bit) found the impact on sleep was dose dependent. At 5iu/day the amount of time spent in deep sleep was decreased, duration of REM sleep was increased… Given deep sleep is particularly of importance regarding how one wakes up well rested, i’d assume perhaps GH increases the efficiency of deep sleep. At 2iu/day no effect upon sleep was noted

However this study (admittedly small sample size)

Uses up to 48 iu GH… No significant impacts upon sleep parameters were noted.

GHRP-6 enhances stage two sleep (lighter period of sleep, body spends a good portion of the night in this stage anyway)