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Using Gear While Overweight?

I have kind of a serious question for you… i had blood work done at the VA, and my test levels were a little low, and ive been talking to some guys about gear. would it be beneficial for me to try at my size? I had my BMI done with a bodpod and i currently have 224lbs LBM… and 150 in fat… Some say it would be fine, others say, its a death wish. I just wanted to get your honest opinions… i currently have test e 300mg/mL, but have not used it yet…

Wait, you are telling us that without fat you would only weigh 74 pounds?

Not even close. Do people even read? Im 374lbs… 150lbs of that, is fat mass (224lbs lbm)… so if i was 0% bmi right now, i would be 224lbs

Have you tried dieting down first? I wouldn’t go to drugs unless you’ve already gotten yourself reasonably fit. That said, what did your doctor say?

Your BF% is 40. I’ve heard people say don’t use AAS until BF% is 20 or less… you have absolutely no business risking your life by taking a steroid that’s going to put even more stress on your body. Simply lose weight by eating appropriately and putting in the hard work in the gym. Resistance training along with cardio and you could be down to 20%BF in a year or so… get a trainer if you need one… meet them once a week. This will help you stay on track and meet realistic goals. Good luck and do not use that test… it will not go bad in your drawer…