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Using Gear While in the Military


Is anybody in the military that has used gear while in and got a random drug test while on cycle and poped positive for any ASS.


am in the Navy and last I checked, they don't regularly test for it. the urinalysis is for narcotics, opiates, speed, meth, pot, cocaine, etc. Was a Legal O and XO x 2.

If someone suspected you of steroid use, they would have to request a special test to be run, and while it does cost money to run, it is not a deterrent to run it from a command perspective. Generally, there has to be a reason to run a test. If your behavior is "bizarre" (the legal term for out of the ordinary or the magic words "risk to self and others") then you may get a test. If the gear makes you behave this way think twice. If gear or paraphernalia (syringes etc) are found, then they have probable cause and can order a command directed urinalysis looking for specific drugs/steroids/whatever they think you are on.

If you are on a ship, dont be stupid and bring gear onboard. you will get caught either during inspections or of stupid folks narcing you out.

Just my 2 cents from my Navy experience. Army is a whole different animal.


They also will run periodic inspections without warning and toss your gear. In the Navy you have all your shit stored under your rack. Now if you live off base no problem. Never heard of any steroid tests. "course that was quite some time ago.


As far as army goes, it's like this. If you're squared away and a good soldier, not causing problems then no one really cares. If you're a fuckup/shitbag then you're going to get nailed for it. I know of some people that got popped crossing the border from Mexico with a ton of AAS on thier person and when they got taken back to Ft. Hood, the SGM told them he knew they were only using to better themselves and the Army...essentially nothing happened. I know other people who were screwups who got kicked out.


fireflyz, not even an Article 15? Unreal.

Were these junior enlisted? I'd be shocked if they let an NCO or officer get away with this...

Not offended, but shocked.

In the meantime, 250 members have been removed from the US military for homsexuality since BO was elected.


just beware of the health and welfare inspections


Nope, no Article 15's. I think there might have been a negative counseling statement, but that was it. Mind you this was a few years ago. Honestly, after some of the things I've seen that people have gotten away with it makes me believe that it's all a crap shoot.


I agree with this. But I wasn't in the Army.


I am a Navy Corpsman, and I can tell you that it costs way too much money for the government to test for steroids. The basic test as mentioned before is for Narcs, Pot, Meth, Coke, and other mainstreem drugs. The info about having to specially request a test for steroids is also good gouge. You should be good as long as you keep it to yourself, keep your gear out of site, and make sure your job performance is squared away. I agree that the biggest factor would be if you live in barracks, or off base.


Im in the army at fort stewart and havnt been pissed yet since ive been on but just sketched out about if i get ramdomly selected for a regular random piss test will it come up? Has anyone thats in every been pissed while on and nothing came up?




@ Hulk...have you read any of the responses?? It is not one of the substances that is part of a normal drug test....only if they specifically request that YOU get tested for AAS will they be looking for it.


A command can't test an individual for anything. It is either a command wide urinalysis or nothing. A command isn't allowed to just test anyone they want, at least in the Corps, they consider it discrimination. I have seen people get busted for steroids, but they were/are fucking morons about it.


Also note:

Your commander CANNOT single a person out for drug testing.


You beat me jarhead.



i'm not gonna lie. i read the title and thought this would be an interesting read.

oh well.

good luck to you and your career.


preciate everyones input thanks