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Using fruit to shittle creatine

Looking for some clarification as this doesn’t seem to make much sense to me. Why would you use something contain fructose to shuttle an amino acid. First of all fructose is metabolized very differently than other simple sugars in that it doesn’t trigger insulin secretion, which in turn doesn’t trigger transcription (or the first step of protein synthesis) leaving the newly supplemented creatine to be consumed at a much slower rate, kind of negating the purpose of shuttling it. Could some please set me straight if I am wrong.

you are correct in your thinking.

if you want to “shuttle” creatine more efficiently. add it to some dextrose and or maltodextrin preferably as part of your post workout cocktail.

I think shitteling creatine is an entirely different thing. :wink:


What’s your source saying that you should use fructose to help shuttle creatine to the muscle?

Fructose in and of itself is metabolized quite differently than glucose, as you alluded to. However, I’ve mentioned it before, as have others, that fructose–along with fatty acids, certain amino acids, etc.–is an insulin potentiator. That means that in the case that insulin has already been stimulated, fructose may very well enhance that insulin secretion.

Supposedly there is a swedish invented (isolated?) carb called something like waxy-maize. It functions/works similarly to maltodextrin yet it is absorbed at about the same rate creatine makes it through the gut. The insulin response is prefectly timed so that both the carb and creatine are being pulled into the cell at exactly the same time. I say supposedly because I wonder about “new” gimmic discoveries. But I am using a product that has it right now since I wanted to use good ole creatine again (been two years since I used it last). I’m not sure if they are pulling one over on me but its the same price as other creatine delivery systems and I haven’t had the shits from it yet. For me that is a very big deal since even the most effective delivery systems couldn’t prevent an occasional rotten egg fart and sprint to the bathroom. Also it doesn’t have anything else except this wonder carb, creatine, and electrolytes. No ALA, no special blend of 20 plus ingredients either. Oh and whatever this carb is it does in fact create a massive insulin spike so if you decided on giving it a go be prepared to eat an ass load of protein very soon after chugging it down or you will very nearly go into a coma from it.