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Using Finasteride and Saw Palmetto with Androsol

Ok I finally broke down and bought a bottle of Androsol. All of the testimonials got to me. I have never taken pro-hormones in the past so this should be interesting. I have changed my diet considerably as well. Anyways to minimize the effects on my hair I have also decided to take finasteride(Propecia) along with Saw Palmetto and wanted to know if it will affect the way Androsol works.

Saw Palmetto has anti-androgenic effects so your basically cancelling out the positive effects of Androsol.

Saw Palmetto will not stop the androgenic effects of Androsol. Androsol, like Dianabol, doesn’t need the androgen receptor to do its thing. Saw Palmetto’s anti-androgen effect is via its blocking of androgen receptors. Saw Palmetto will not stop the anabolic effects of 4-AD. What it will do, is prevent androgenic hormones such as testosterone and its nasty metabolite, dihydrotestosterone from destroying your prostate and your hair follicles. Saw Palmetto is also benificial for the lungs, bladder, and the entire urinary tract. Zinc will also further block androgen receptors in the prostate and head-hair follicles.