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Using Expired HCG?


I live in Canada and so far every pharmacist I go to can only get HCG in 10,000 iu bottles.

This is an issue because my prescription is 500 iu twice per week which totals for 4,000 ius per month.

My issue is that the HCG says once mixed it’s only good for 30 days, so I’m throwing away 6,000 ius of HCG every month.

Does anyone have any experience using expired HCG?

I’m currently working with a compound pharmacy to see if they can ship up 5,000 iu bottles from the States.

Funny. I just learned today that you only have 30 days. I put dates on my bottles now.

To answer your question, I did 500 for the first 3 months. I had no idea the bottles expired so I am sure I was using expired HCG at some point. I didnt notice anything.

Even when I went to 1000, that wouldnt allow me to finish the bottle before a month. I was on 1000 for 3 months as well, so would have used old HCG for my last couple injections. didnt notice anything.

however, I will be thrownig the HCG out now after 30 days. Its nothing to me as its covered by my work though.