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Using Estrogen Properly


Estrogen can cause lots of bad side effects. It makes people look fatter, it makes people get fatter, and it makes men grow breasts.

Nevertheless, is there a way to use estrogen properly? It seems like most of the vets use stuff like test, dbol, and deca, with little to no estrogen protection. If you get gyno surgery, I'm not sure what the negative effects would be of estrogen.

I've read articles that say estrogen raises IGF-1 and GH. I also know that estrogen is used the same as as AAS are in medicine. Estrogen is sometimes presribed to men with AIDS wasting.

I'm thinking if your protein intake is high enough, that'll balance out the fat gain from the estrogen. I've also heard that estrogen helps the joints stay lubricated, but I don't notice a difference in my joints whether I'm high estrogen or low estrogen.

Is there a way to use estrogen properly? Are there times it's better to have high estrogen (bulks)?


Most? Really? Maybe if this was 1990, but I dont think that's true now.

I dont understand how protein intake can 'balance out the fat gain'. What do you mean by that

Keeping estrogen in the normal range works well for most AAS users. Some people prefer to allow estrogen to rise but those are people that experience no side effects.


I read in an article on this site, (I think it was 'steroids forever') about a guy taking Estrogen pellets which he said made him very bloated, though I am guessing (as Bonez mentioned) he didn't experience any obvious sides like Gyno. Apart from this I have never heard of anyone deliberately increasing their E2. I'm not saying nobody does, just saying I've not heard of it.


He means if you are eating a diet with a higher protein to carbohydrate ratio with the same or similar amount of calories that you are not going to put on as much fat and this would offset the "fattening" effects of the estrogen in the body.

With regards to purposefully having elevated levels of estrogen in the body then yeah its going to be kinder to your joints. My joints feel great at the moment and I am starting to get rising estrogen from taking test and dbol. I can really notice the difference. The last thing you want on cycle when trying to gain muscle mass is severe pain in your joints or damaged connective tissue limiting your progress. I can see the value of raising estrogen as long as its not too much. Maybe the reason you have not felt the effects of increased estrogen is if you do not have existing injuries? I don't know :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the answers guys. I know there isn't one answer to this. The years of expierence you have with diet and AAS is a very helpful resource.

I'm not talking about taking estrogen on purpose. I'm more talking about taking half a gram of deca with half a gram of test and using less than the amount of adex most people would use for 500mg of test. It seems like that's the 'hardcore' way to do it.

http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/5_simple_tips_for_bigger_tugs If you watch the video in that article the dude looks hella moonfaced.

In your expierence do you think estrogen has any benefits at all? It seems like most are saying it might have some benefits, but it's not worth the side effects for most people.

It's also worth noting I'm training for strength and not bodybuilding.


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If youre training for strenght why would you choose to run 500mg/wk of deca?

1g of test + ai is better than 500mg test + 500mg deca + less ai for strength.

If you want to get into a replacement for deca, well, run a search.