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Using Eq longer than Test

If one were planning a cycle of test E and EQ, could you start the EQ a few weeks before the test? :

weeks 1-10 Eq
weeks 3-10 test enanth


Well everyone says to stay on EQ longer for best results, but advises against using most other drugs for more than 8 weeks. If the Eq is ‘easier’ to recover from, the real (test induced) suppresion would last for 8 weeks.
The benefits of longer EQ use without the harder suppresion of a cycle over eight weeks? One would include Adex and Nolva.

What do you think ?

Yes? No? Go away?

i am not sure who “everyone” is but its sounds like they are true idiots. simply put, EQ has one of the longest half lives of all AAS. typical line of thinking is in the 10-14 day range. the last thing you want for an easier recovery is to stay on EQ even longer. i like EQ and use it frequently. i wouldnt be afraid to use it for a solid 8 weeks along with your test E for the same duration. the last cycle i ran was an EQ/test cyp cycle and i stayed on for 10 weeks at a significant dosage of both. i wont do that again. i had recovery issues from which i am still battling to a small degree. my blood test have checked out fine though. endo test is actually a bit high. anyways, spell out your proposed cycle in detail and you may get a better response. include the vital stats and cycle history.

Suppresion is determined not by the amount of drug you use but how long you are on it. So if you use a long acting compound like eq then theres not point in cutting short the test enanthate as you will not reduce the amount of suppression or the subsequent recovery time.