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Using Ephedrine Whilst Bulking


Would it be a good idea to take ephedrine or maybe a proper ECA stack whilst bulking to keep bodyfat down? or will this slow down muscle gains?


I used to take it to increase intensity in the gym, but now I only use it for cutting. While bulking I keep my fat in check with mostly light cardio with a little HIIT. I never do cardio on leg day or even the day after sometimes. Most people get better results if they do it on their off days from lifting or at different time of the day.

Some say ephedra cause excess cortisol secretion by the adrenal glands, others say it is anti catabolic. Personally I found it doesn't do much for me when bulking, yet I still made some good gains while on it. Honestly I'm not crazy about the sides but those can be avoided with reasonable doses (ex half a 20 mg pill to start) and time off to replenish your adrenals (ex2 weeks on 2 weeks off or every week take 2 days off of every stimulant including caffeine).

So I wouldn't recommend it using ECA while bulking, but you can give it a try. IMO You will have better results if you just dial in you diet and add a little cardio. Not as easy as popping a pill though LOL.

Thats my experience. Hope it helps.

A word of advice; seek advice from those with similar body types. For example I always see something like this, an ectomorph or hard gainer telling an endo/mesomorph he needs to eat huge amounts of food. The result, the endo/meso whines up looking like my avitar.


Some ppl like it for a workout boost. Stuff makes me sure awake but shaky and thats not how I want to feel when hitting heavy loads etc, its TO stimulated.

As for using it daily to try and avoid excess fat, id say bad idea. your cruising for some serious adrenal fatigue as well as other issues health and other wise. smarter to just Not eat so much. the ECA would just make you need to eat more while bulking save the cash and your body and eat big but not ECA + bulking big :slightly_smiling:



Great points by both Hagar, and Phil..

I've used it a lot in the past, and I agree it definitely gives you a big boost, but then you are stuck with that boost for a bit longer than the workout lasts usually, with a not so great feeling afterwards of nervous energy and feeling like a load of bricks hit the adrenals as Phil said...

              but in a sensible dose it has it's place once in a while...I don't really see the need for it anymore with things like HOT-ROX Extreme, and for that matter pure caffeine itself is nice and very effective and easier to control side wise...



Ditto on what Hagar said. I love ephedrine for when I'm cutting because it seems to keep my strength high while cutting, very intense workouts. You really don't need it for bulking. By the way anyone know how to counteract the constant urinating from it.

It has gotten progressively worse over the years to the point that anytime I use ephedrine I'm still pissing like a race horse 12-16 hrs later.


Thanks for the advice guys. I think im gonna stay off it then till i start my cut, but use it only as a stimulant before a workout, rather than taking it everyday for fat burning.


this is definitely it's strongest point in my opinion..it really helps you get those extra pounds/reps while cutting, or for that matter, anytime you use it as a pre-wkout stim...

                good point..