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Using Different Brands of Test E 250 in Same Cycle?

Is it OK and safe to use different brands in a cycle to have enough to complete that cycle?

As long as both are same test ester you won’t notice much of a difference. Could be a little difference in carrier oil or BA content but thats likely it.

If doing this, I wouldn’t use all of one, then all of the other. Dosing could be different between the two brands (even though they both say 250 mg/mL). You could mix each shot 50 / 50 of each oil if you want to be as stable as possible. Probably not necessary. I am using two brands now, and pin MWF. I will take two shots of one oil one week, and then next week two of the oil I only took one shot of the week before.

If both are Test E and dosed accurately all of this is unnecessary, but knowing that isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Using two different brands is totally kosher. You could even use test enanthate and then follow it with test cypionate and keep the same injection schedule without noticing any difference. Enanthate and cypionate have VERY similar half lives, they are only like 0.5-1 day apart both being at or over 7 days so. Even if you had test propionate you could run the enanthate then switch to propionate, you would just need to adjust your schedule of injections. Test is test is test. The enanthate, cypionate and propionate is basically just a built in “time release.” It’s not actually a time release because that has a very specific pharmacological definition but for lay terms and in everyday vernacular the ester is basically a time release.

So as long as you have two legit vials of test whatever and the labeled dose is accurate then you just follow the same MG dose injection schedule. If one is test enanthate 400 and the other is test enanthate 250, and you are taking a total of 500mgs per week in two injections, when using the the test 250 you just inject a ml twice a week then when you get to the test 400 vial you inject 0.625mls twice a week. But as you indicated both are test 250 (ester assumed to be enanthate) so I just added that in for someone who might run across this thread and have two disproportionately dosed vials of test.

Now mnben87 pointed out one vial might be slightly higher doses and one slightly lower dosed and that is a very real possibility. His suggestion of taking half and half of each test in your injection is actually a good way to make sure you don’t have a unintentional rollercoaster. Now most likely, provided you got legit sourced gear, both vials are reasonably close to their labeled dose and the mixing isn’t going to matter.

Any chance you have history with each brand of test?

If I mix them should I mix them in the same syringe or just take half a shot of each?

Yes you should be able to mix any two oil dissolved hormones. The only time you shouldn’t mix any two is if one is water suspended and one is in oil. So if one of your hormones is something like test suspension or winstrol and has a milky color to it, then that should not be mixed.