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Using DHB (1 Testosterone) for the First Time

I was told on various sites, that the pip was really bad on this substance…but for me, I haven’t had much…now i’m only using 1ml at a time…but I read that even that small amount is supposed to cause alot of pip…Curious if others have any experience with it…if they had any pip or none at all…if no pip, does that mean the gear is fake? I read that it depends on the site and who makes it…

Wide variation in most of these substances with one exception: DHB has brutal pip, unless brewed at a lower concentration. If you aren’t having any pip then one of two things is probably true. Either it’s something else OR the brewer is a pro and knows how to make it without issue.

I actually emailed my source…he replied in under 5 minutes…he just said, “we brew well” but to be on the safe side, i ordered from a different source…wanna compare.

I think one of the bigger issues with dhb (one of my favorites and I sing it’s praises) is it is hard to hold in higher concentrations. The way around this is using ethyl oleate and or other organic solvents. Those solvents and especially EO, in my opinion, are responsible for the majority of the PIP stories out there.

I use to by premade dhb in a 75mg concentration. Never had any real issues with PIP. I now homebrew. When I wacs looking for recipes for DHB I consistently saw that the 75 mg per ml recipes didn’t call for any extra solvents beyond the standard benzyl alcohol and benzyl benzoate and those are standard in every injectable recipe. Once you got to 100mgs per ml or higher that is when the recipes all called for either guaiacol or more consistently ethyl oleate. I am fairly sure it was the etyhl oleate that gave me the PIP but to be fair i was injecting higher volumes and I was using each glute twice a week. I had a friend try out my dhb I brewed at 125mg per ml and he never had any PIP, but he was only injecting one ml at a time and only stacking it with test. My next batch will be with guaiacol and no ethyl oleate, I am hoping i don’t get that pip again.

I really think a lot of these issues with pip that we consistently see associated with specific hormones is from the UGLs using ethyl oleate, it is the cheapest organic solvent and it is more readily available. All of the consistent hormones we hear about having PIP are usually the ones that are harder to brew ànd have higher melting points. A simple way to counteract a high melting point is using an organic solvent.

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