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Using Deca to Lube While on Winny?


I am currently 10 weeks into my cycle of 750mgs/wk of test-e and 600mgs/wk of equpoise. I started taking winny about a week ago. My joints are starting to give me problems. I know deca will help with that. My question is should i take a small amount while i am taking the equpoise or should i completely replace the equpoise with it?

I was planning on running a 16 week cycle. I also understand that running long cycles if you want to keep on getting good gains you should chnge compounds. Should i just do this anyway?


I would personally replace the EQ with with myself, no doubt.

You're not planning on running the toxic Winny for 16 weeks are you? I wish your lipids good luck, and hope the best for your left heart venticle.


No, i was only going to do the winny for 4 weeks. I am 10 weeks into my cycle. Just wondered if i should replace the equpoise with Nandrolone Decanoate for the lubing qualities, or if i should just take small doses while continuing with the equpoise?


Its too late to switch over to Deca just let your cycle run its course. One of the cardinal rules is never to change your mind mid cycle.

If winny makes your joints hurt stop the winny. Deca takes too long to kick in in your situation.

Fish oils in massive quantites might help


As was already stated. You are better off dropping the winni rather than changing the eq to deca.


thanks guys!


You would replace EQ with Deca knowing that there is only 6 weeks left in the cycle?

That would mean only 4 weeks of Deca before pulling off.

Bad advice. Bad, bad advice.


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