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Using Dbol in Cycle

what’s up everyone. I’ve been to this site where I got my first order and they have a novice cycle that I was thinking of trying next. This is due to the fact that all I’m taking now is 8wks of test E. Well, that cycle calls for 30mg of Dbol a day for the first 4wks with 10wks of test E at 500 a week.

My question is in the produce list is doesnt say Dbol but there is durabolin. I assume this is Dbol. Am I correct? Also, I read that in 1ML of Dbol you get 100mg. How do I compute this with the syringe. Would it be just below the .5ML mark? I am assuming that if 1ml is 100, .5ml is 50.

Maybe you all can help me out. AND is this a decent cycle. All I’ve ever done in my life including what Im doing now is 8weeks of test. Couple of times with sust and this time with test E.

Durabolin is Deca or Nandrolone. Dbol is Dianabol and there are dozens of brand names for it. Naposim, Anabol, Methandienone just to name three. Dbol is on oral [though it can be found other forms]. Hope that clears things up.

wow, that clears a lot up. I thought it was an IM.