Using Cycle for Systemic Growth vs Targeting Weak Points

Any cycle : Is it better to go for systemic growth or should you use the opportunity to bring up weak points? pros and cons of both? Mainly looking for opinions but if you have research swaying either direction that would be great as well!

Reject the tyranny of the “OR” and embrace the genius of the “AND”!

Identify your weak points. Decide which exercises best attack the situation and incorporate one or two… Put on as much muscle as you can everywhere.


This. Go on cycle and do both together


What are your goals, and what are your weak points?
If you have weak points, its due to genetics, and or improper/lack of training them. That’s going to be the same whether you are on steroids or not. Everything including the weak points are going to improve,on cycle but they will still remain weak points, relatively speaking.
What a cycle will do is allow you to train with more.volume and or frequency. If you keep the volume the same for your strong points, but increase it for the weak points, they will really respond.

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