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Using Creatine with New Workout


Hello Gents.
Despite hearing negatives about the use of creatine, I've decided I'd like to start using it as a part of my program, which I am now resuming.

My question is, how often/how much would you recommend that I use, considering that I am 170LBS.

My workout routine usually consists of at least 300 pushups (100reps then sets of 50), about 100 abs, and other body-weight exercise (I intend to increase my reps of course).

How often, per week/daily, am I looking at?



First of all, that routine is terrible if you're goal is muscle mass. (and you can do a set of 100 reps?)

Secondly, use creatine monohydrate, take 5 grams around the time of your workout along with juice or whey protein or something else.

Third, there are no negatives to creatine when used correctly.


Fourth, it doesn't matter when you take it or what you take it with.

If you're not ready to join a gym, at least do chinups.


Thanks Gents.
Yes, I currently do 100 elevated pushups. Well - up to a few weeks ago, I suspect I may have already started to drop off!

One of the negatives I've heard of, re the use of creatine, is that when one uses the supplement to gain body mass, the BM gained is more readily lost, if one stops off from training..
I've both read of this, and heard personal experiences from friends.
How true is this?

@ Rocky, really? Could u give some suggestions for a more muscle mass tuned, Body weight excercise routine?

@ kanko. Ok. Is there any particular reason you recommended chinups though?


Most likely your friends who have "lost muscle mass" stopped taking creatine and stopped working out at the same time.
Understand this:
Your body already has creatine stores in it. The purpose of supplementing is to increase these stores.

This is for short, intense moments. Creatine does not give an advantage to longer aerobic workouts.

I cannot give you any workout off the top of my head that uses bodyweight exercises to increase your muscle mass, at least in any great amount.

Your best bet would be to do some research on this site for a routine that uses added resistance (Barbells, Dumbbells, machines, etc).


Also, please read this article. It's amazing.


Thanks Rocky.

I've had this idea that if I max out the amount of reps I do, it will give me lean body mass, then slowly (as I increase the reps) SLOOOWLY, give me BM.

I've heard much talk about this limit/wall that I'll meet upon using body weight excercises, but I doubt i've reached that wall as yet.

(thanks for the links as well).


lifting heavy gives you dense muscle


Because pushups will give you miniscule stimulation to pecs, triceps and shoulders (and your abs will have to do a little work too), whereas chinups challenge your lats, biceps, forearms and a bunch of other muscles in your back. Muscles that pushups and situps alone won't stimulate at all.

And when you get stronger, put on a backpack and do weighted chinups.

But if you want real results, lift weights. Pushups are great for weak ten-year-olds, not so much for people wanting to get bigger and stronger.


agreed with everything said. all in all, you're better off using the money your going to spend on supplements on a membership at the YMCA or something like that. creatine isnt gunna pack on loads of muscle for someone thats just doing push ups and shit. kind of a waste of money imo.


Thanks for the input Gents.
Kanko - good idea, I shall certainly do weighted chinups :slightly_smiling:

To be just honest, I didnt buy the creatine - I just have a big half-tub put down, that I want to use ;p
Certainly however, If I get results, I think I'll be buying more.

Here's a question along the same lines:

I had this idea in mind, that if I start to push, say 150-200 pushups in one go (ie, work my way towards that) I'll be putting on muscle.
Now, I understand clearly, that heavier weights build denser muscles faster, but, even if it would be hard.. long and arduous process, would not ever increasing in strength(/fitness), ie, by being able to do more and more reps of body weight exercises, have the effect of slowly bulking me up?

I guess I'm more of a fitness head - than a muscle head, even though I want the bulk!

I've been convinced enough though - M gonna start lifting weights next week.


Good decision :slight_smile:

You'll be happy with the results as long as you push yourself in the gym.


i dont wanna piss in your corn flakes buddy but 200 push ups might be great for conditioning or something (who knows?) but dont convince yourself that you can "bulk up" by doing push ups and taking creatine. the fact of the matter is, look (youtube) at the guys that hold the records for most push ups. they are no more "bulked up" than the average person.


I don't mean to be rude, but according to that logic, your legs will grow like crazy from running marathons. I think 95% of your lifting should be sets of less than 20 reps. (High rep squats are nice sometimes). Beyond that, you'll not see much growth, no matter how many reps you can do. (As the poster above me said, look at the people who can do 200 pushups or those who can run a marathon. They're not big or ripped. They're stringy.

Weighted pushups, maybe? Can you find a way to do (weighted) dips?


No offense, but you're basically asking the same question over and over. Push ups by themselves are not going to build a lot of muscle. That might not be what you want to hear, but that's the way it is.


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