Using Creatine Monohydrate?

What’s everyone’s thought on using creatine ? And would you recommend to stay on creatine all the time or have a break from it ? If you had a choice creatine or test what would you pick and why ?

A cup of coffee or an 8 ball of crack?


Seriously OP you post this as a joke thread? How the flying fuck are those two things even comparable?

Talk about being too obvious…

Personally for anabolic effect I’d go with a nice side of beef and Guinness.


Why choose? Just try both and see what happens.

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I choose creatine because it’s legal.


Ive used both for years legally(trt) and I refuse to choose. They are both great but in different ways.

I am new to all this just asking questions so much for the great support wow because you been taking all the shit for years that means you can take the piss :+1:

Yes try creatine, most tested supplement out there, can take now as a beginner.
Dont need to load or cycle. Up your water with it.

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zero bullshit

Actually …I take that as a compliment. The fact you make the assumption that I have been running shit for years.

Let cut to the quick of the situation…

Based off the length of time you have been on this site along based on a few of your other post.

  1. either your trolling
  2. Or your actually what you coming across as some Newbie with a whole six months under his belt (as you posted) . Who doesn’t know the difference between Creatine and bloody running Test.

You do know Creatine isn’t actually anabolic? Matter of fact its found occurring naturally in meat. All the damn powder form is a condensed version of it so a person doesn’t have to wolf down lbs of meat daily .

So? Are you just Trolling?

Or are you just some stereotypical short timer who hasnt gotten the results he though he would see in a whole six months? Who thinks running gear is going to bandage up their lack of knowledge on training and nutrition?


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Dude, seriously,
A google search could have answered the question.
The fact you are even comparing creatine and test shows me that you should definitely not be considering a test cycle.


He could even use the same needle for both



I was being my typical smart ass self when I made the comment because it was so bizarre. After reading his other threads 5’8" 140 lbs. Been at it for 6 months wanting to lay into tren. WTF? Has to be a kid.


You would be surprised, there are grown men who go to the gym a couple times and decide to get on a cycle.

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Either way the idiot has no business running gear.


I got a feeling he isn’t coming back for more advice.

I bet he wasn’t expecting the reaction he got in the other forum section when it got out he’s 140lbs with only 6 month under his belt.( still think its a poor attempt of trolling)

On a side note I found it so cute him telling me to piss off personally.

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I’m sure you lost sleep over it :rofl:

I was emotionally crushed damn it!!!

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I’m sure. You poor thing.

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