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Using Clusters in Training Program?

Hey CT,
Got any tips on how to implement the various clusters into a training program?

Would doing clusters for the main exercise be a viable optioin in most training programs?


I have a follow-up article already written and submitted on how to design a cluster training program.

If you are simply talking about integrating clusters in a general training plan, then use clusters for the main exercise of the workout.

For example you could use a template like this:

Exercise 1 = main lift of the day
Exercise 2 = Assistance lift to strengthen exercise 1 (multi-joint movement)
Exercise 3 = Secondary lift to focus one a specific muscle involved in exercise 1 (multi-joint movement on machine or pulley)
Exercise 4-5 = Tertiary exercises to target muscles involved in exercise 1 (often isolation movements)

Clusters would be used for exercise 1 or even exercise 2.


I assume the miller method would work best for SGHP from blocks, would it work best to use the upper end of the Olympic lift recommendations or could you go a little higher ?

Thank you

Thanks, very fascinating!