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Using Club Soda With Protein Powder

  I am curious why the mention of mixing Club Soda with protein powder. Is it because the carbonated water agitates the stomach acid and you digest the PP faster? I don't know.

I just purchased som UNI-Liver supplements to get a better rounded dose of BCA's. Anyone tried them or better yet, using them now?


I'll try it tonight and tell you how it goes. My restaraunt has club on tap so i'll use it at least once


It kinda sucked using the club soda. I started to stir it and the mix went CRAZY and foamed up on me. Didn't taste all that great either.


I mix with soda water, or mineral water, which also fizzes, but it tastes good. Grow! mixes so well, the bubbles alone are nearly enough to mix it. It does fizz up. Note that the stuff I use is just water though, no flavours or sugar.

But I did not know you were not meant to mix it with fizzy stuff???? where did you hear that?


I read this on a Charles Staley article EDT for Arms. He stated that you should mix the PP with Club Soda.

Now I have tried flavored seltzer water with vanilla pp. It wasn't too bad. I don't know the diff in club soda and seltzer water.

My only guess, it helps in digestion. I suppose i could PM Staley for the answer..


As if protein powder isn't digested fast enough we need to speed it up?

Heck whey protein alone (depending on the type of whey) can be digested so rapidly that much of the AAs can be "burned up" by the liver.

If you want faster just start injecting protein directly in the bloodstream < LOL


Is this maby because it lowers the acidity? Kinda like how JB recommends baking powder with pro pow?


How are amino acids "burned up" by the liver?


I believe Coach Staley recommended Power Drive with club soda and not protein powder, because the club soda increases the absorption and onset of the Power Drive. I tried it a few times, works pretty well.


"if whey protein is consumed by itself, due to its rapid gastric emptying properties it leaves the stomach extremely quickly causing a quick release of amino acids into the bloodstream. A spike in serum amino acid levels causes the liver to spike enzyme production in order to metabolize many of the amino acids that could have been used for cell growth or repair."
-Phil Kaplan


You might want to use better reference than Phil Kaplan. He's not exactly a respected authority on the topic. It's kind of like quoting Ronald McDonald on the health properties of fast food.

Excess amino acids can be metabolized (oxidized) by the liver for use as fuel or to be stored as fat, but his quote is definitely misleading. The spike in serum amino acid levels actually appears to be what gives whey its anabolic effects.

I recommend you read,"Slow and fast dietary proteins differently modulate postprandial protein accretion," by Yves Boirie, Martial Dangin, Pierre Gachon, Marie-Paule Vasson, Jean-Louis Maubois, and Bernard Beaufr?re for a better understanding of this topic.


Ummm, ok. I'm not going to get into a debate on him being an authority.


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