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Using Clomid and Anavar?

Hi. I have question regarding using Anavar with Clomid at same time? I have loads of Clomid and thought maybe I can use it with Anavar to keep Testosterone in the range. I would bot like to use Testosterone. My goals are to achieve more shredded body and make more solid.

Short story. I am 182cm and my weight was 95kg with 21% fat. For more than an half year I was busy with cutting body fat. Latest result was 83kg with 15% body fat. It took alot time and change 360 degrees of my diet and training habits. At the moment I am 85kg with 15-16%. My body changed alot, but still I lost alot of muscles and my body still des not look solid. Still remaining fat on my belly. My legs are super shredded compare with top body.

As i mentioned my idea is to make more solid look.


At 21% I would forget the drugs and focus on a calculator and grocery list to get your diet figured out. Anavar is only beneficial when you are already below 15% (and I wouldn’t even use it at that high BF)

My question was regarding anavar and Clomid combination at same time.

The var will suppress you even with the clomid. If you want to run the var, run it with some test.