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Using Bumper Plates to Fix Hex Plate Imbalance?


My new gym only carries hex plates. They suck ass for deadlifting. I’m wondering if perhaps it’s a good idea to sneak in a pair of round 10lb or 25lb bumper plates, place them on both sides of the bar, and use only the 35lb hex plates, so only the bumper plates hit the floor. However, I’m concerned that this method will quickly wear out the bumper plates. Fwiw I deadlift 300lbs. Can this work?

Or deadlift from a rack, and stand on a box to make up for the height difference.

Tried that, but the end position put the barbell either too low or too high.

I’ve dealt with deadlifting with Hex plates for the past two years. Both gyms I’ve found have been great other than this one dumbass decision to buy hex plates. It’s annoying for deadlifts but manageable, although I pretty much only pull singles so that makes life a little easier.

Who invented the hex plate? Can anyone name one damn benefit these things provide compared to a proper plate?

I wouldn’t pull from a rack and on a box. Want to practice the actual deadlift with plates on the ground and how you’d be set up in comp. If you can get the plates in and it’s not too much of a pain in the ass I’d say go for it. Otherwise just deal with the pain in the ass of the hex plates… once the bar is in position it doesn’t really make a difference.

Ahh, the DREADED HEX plates!! whoever invented those should be shot in the face with a howitzer, then thrown into a piranha tank and whatever is left be thrown into a truck stop port-o-potty.

IDK man, I’m thinking get some 2x6’s and make a platform akin to ‘board press boards’ for the bar to rest on. I just went to my garage and put my 4 board and 2 board together and the bar was 1/2 off the floor when loaded with a regular 45# plate. So 6 boards high and you’re GTG. For about $10 you could make a set using 2 2x6’s. 8’ board cut into 6 pieces is 16".

I’d say if you brought in bumpers someone would jack them for curls in the squat rack or something. You could easily bring in the boards or maybe even leave them at the gym in a locker or something.

Hope this helps.

I’ve done it before many times with 45 lb bumpers but I doubt that 10s or 25s can stand up to repeated punishment from 400 and 500+ pound deadlifts.

[quote]MaazerSmiit wrote:
Or deadlift from a rack, and stand on a box to make up for the height difference. [/quote]

It wouldn’t be the same. It’s just like rack deads vs block pulls.