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Using Built for Battle Percentages with Built for Bad?

Hi Coach,

First of all I’d like to thank you. I ran the “Fastest Way to Get Jacked” followed up by the Dorian Yates inspired program alternating the high volume and low volume approach. After about 2 weeks into the Yates program the gains in my legs, arms and shoulders were fantastic and my arms finally broke the 15 inch mark for the first time!

My question to you is if I can swap the percentage of rep maxes on Built for Bad to those from Built for Battle. I like the exercise list for my body and what I want to bring up more in Built for Bad than Built for Battle. But going to 100% every workout is a recipe for failing quickly for me. Nothing saps my progressive strength gains than going 100% frequently. I hardly ever dip below 6 reps. I have tried a high frequency, low rep, basic lift program in the past with amazing results so I want to try one of these 2 programs out.

I like that lat work and the 2 shoulder exercises in Built for Bad. But I like the accessory lifts in Built for Battle.

I would like your thoughts on this. Or should I stop trying to split hairs and just pick a damn program as it’s written?

Thank you!