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Using Broom Handle with Bands?


I tried stepping on both end of heavy bands toady. It works very well and effectively more than doubles the tension on the band. It may not very good for the band. Obviously I would recommend using a barbell if possible as the broom handle may snap eventually.

Anyone know any good drills to with this set-up. High pulls and upright rows and bicep curls seem to work the best and presses work reasonably nicely too.
I reckon you could get a good deadlift set-up . I can pull 500lb (weak for some I know) and can barely shift some of the bands. 125lb band doubled for high pulls .

I got the bands half price too. I am hoping can improve my pulling strength .Louie Simmons recommends using often only band tension and althernating with actual high pulls /cleans


This stuff seems easy while lifting but drains the CNS the next day.