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Using Blitz Program as Part of a Whole Plan

Hi Coach.

I was wondering, since the Blitz program was made pretty much for getting back in shape after lockdown or other forced time off and letting yourself go, would it be possible to be used as a finish for a ~24 week phase? Something like,

A few weeks base building with slowly bringing calories from 10x to 15x BW.

A roughly 12-16 week building phase continuing with the calories around the 15 to 19x BW, maybe with occasional maintenance thrown in to rest the body for a week, cycling 3-6 week blocks in training, then a week deload.

And top it all with the 6 week Blitz program with fat loss being the goal.

Finishing with something like 6-12 weeks BW training on maintenance calories to rest the CNS and the body in general.

Would this work, or is it too much at the end of an already hard training phase?

Thank you for your time Coach!

That’s a very bad idea. What I personally find is that most people have problems fully recovering when they train very hard for more than 12-16 weeks. This can be circumvented somewhat by including frequent deloads, but even then, after that period aches and pains, under-recovery and signs of training burnout start to appear.

It is thus a very bad idea to not only extend the hard training period for too long but, even worse, to end it with a program so demanding that it is mean to be used only when the body has zero risidual recovery issue from training.

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Thank you Coach, I appreciate your time. In that case I will rethink the plan