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Using Beta Alanine with Surge Workout Fuel


I have started to take the Surge Workout Fuel and wanting to add beta alanine to it. Does anyone know exactly how much beta alanine is in the workout fuel??




When Surge Workout Fuel first came out, somebody asked the same question in the product thread and got an official reply from Mod Brian...

I interpret that to mean there's a full dose of beta-alanine in a serving of Surge Workout Fuel, but the exact numbers of SWF's "Anaerobic Amplifier" is most likely some proprietary blend.

Why are you looking to add extra beta-alanine?


I don't know the op's reasoning, but if Surge Workout Fuel has a full dose, I don't understand why the ANACONDA Protocol 2 has 2 scoop of ANACONDA, which adds more BA.