Using BCAAs vs EAAs?

I take multiple supplements like whey protein, creatine, pre workout, intra workout dextrose n bcaas. When I diet I take caffeine ephedrine cla lcarnitine.

Not sure if I should add EAAs or just change from bcaas to ecaas? Do u have any advice or articles to help me with this. $$$ is always a concern n I buy everything always on sale.


You’re wasting a tonne of money. Bcaas, aminos, dextrose, l carnitine are all completely pointless unless youre in a calorie deficit and getting competition level lean. Stop buying them and save your money.
The whey is just to help you hit your protein intake easier so if you can hit your protein intake with real food then theres no point in buying that either.
There are a tonne of studies that prove that creatine does work and it’s dirt cheap so there’s not really any reason not to have it.

EAAS a bit better but minimal difference.
Swap the dextrose for something like a karbolyn product or get Surge workout fuel, if on budget only need a half scoop of either to get some benefit