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Using Bands With Dumbells

I was watching the EFS bench press tape, and they were doing some tri-extentions and elbows out extentions with band around the back. Has any one tried this and what were your experiences?
Thanks in advance

I’m not a westside expert, although I do use a number of their techniques.

I think it would be a fair guess to say that if it is in the EFS video then it probably works quite well or even supremely well.

RIT Jared

I do Elbows Out Extensions with the bands often, they’re a great exercise. You can also use the bands for Dumbbell Floor Presses, dips, push-ups,…hell, you can use them for just about anything. Just make sure not to use them on EVERY single exercise or even every single workout. They tend to beat you up a little more and after prolonged use I start to get mild tendinitis.