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Using Bands... Help


Been using some bands now for squats and bench and just recently some deadlifts. Wondering about how to use them if you dont know the exact amount of weight the bands add....for instance, right now ilve been benching using the monster mini's (i think). Max'd out my close grip bench at 275 plus bands. Could i simply use roughly 50-60% of that max for DE, even though i dont know the band tension?


whats you max CGBP without the bands?


There is a calibration chart in the article linked.


Hope that helps.


i did use this chart when ordering my bands, so in theory i am using the correct bands, however its definately not 100 percent accurate, especially with the squat because of how the bands may have been set up compared to how i set up. My question is; are bands still usefull even if they band tension is pretty much unknown? Are the benefits of bands for dynamic effort still present even if they arnt being utilzed in the most efficient way as outlined by Dave Tate and others?


Yes....of course. If your set-up is the same each time for any specific exercise, the addition of the band or bands is always a 'given' addition [280+MMini or 280+MMinix2+Mini]. Why would you be using them inefficiently? ....because you don't know exactly what % of your 1rm you're at?


I don't have a lot of bands. A pair for benching, a pair for squatting, a pair for deadlifting. So I just add the bands to a medium tension, like 80-100lbs total, then do my DE like that. Haven't tried it for benching yet though.

Could use them for ME work as well. Makes you sore as shit. I just ordered a pair of monster minis and plan on using them for ME squatting, possibly deadlifting, depending on if I can get them set up correctly.


put the band around a dumbell and lift until the band is stretched to the length it would be for that particular lift. If the dumbell lifts off the ground the band tension is more than that weight, and if it doesn't lift the tension is less than that weight. Keep choosing different dumbells until you get a pretty decent estimate of what weight the band is pulling. This is the best I've come up with for determining band tension.