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Using Bands for Main Working Sets

Since I am getting heavy into WSBB was wondering if using bands and working to top singles and such would be beneficial?

Are you talking for max effort or for supplemental/accessory repetition effort when you say “main working sets”?

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It depends on you. What is useful for one person might be of no use to another. Are you weak at the top of the lift?

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Max effort

Accommodating Resistance

The issue with all resistance exercises is that the muscles are only overloaded in 30% of an exercise. Overloading the muscles optimizes increases in strength and size.

With that in mind, approximately 70% of the muscle in a resistance exercise is underloaded. That meaning strength and size at the higher range of an exercise is not optimized.

Disclaimer: Accommodating Resistance optimizes Ascending Strength Curve Exercises: Squats, Presses, Deadlifts, Good Mornings, Leg Press. In other words, any movement that is hard at the bottom and easier at the top.

Answering Your Quetion

Yes, it is beneficial.

Kenny Croxdale

I’m not using a conjugate approach to training, but I’ve been using max effort work for my deadlifting and rotate in pulls against bands as part of it

I find it’s pretty helpful for generating maximal strain, since the rep just keeps getting harder the more you do it. However, it tends to beat me up pretty good, so I do it for 2 weeks and stay away from it for 6.


It’s cool to throw some bands on ME moves because you haven’t done it before, so it’s like a New lift.

It can be a lot of pressure psychologically to lift a new record weight week after week. If you rig up some new combination of band and bar weight you’ve got a new no stress PR to hit.

Yes. For max effort I like to use really light bands as a way to progress at the same weight. Let’s say my goal is to squat 450. I’ll squat to 420 one week. The next I’ll squat to 420 plus 20-40lbs of band. Super light tension, but enough to simulate the straight weight I eventually want to use.

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Bands are great for ME, RE and DE work.

Bands however will be the living shit out of you. Wave them in and out every 3 weeks.