Using Bands, Chains and Boards w/ 531?

Hi Jim,

I have been training with the following layout for last few months:

531 main
Joker sets
Wendler 6 exercises + Ive also done some GHR work.

Ive recently been training my bench press with a few more experienced powerlifters, and over the last month or two we have used bands, chains and boards to try and overload the muscles at lockout.

I have to admit, I have really enjoyed handling the heavier weights and feel its really helped my lockout.

Im trying to implement some of these exercises into my current 531 layout if possible, as I really liked the overloading aspect in my training. I also liked the variations.

Have you any suggestions on how I can integrate these heavier sets into my 531 program?

Would really appreciate your advice.


No. If you would like to use chains and bands and tubing, I suggest you follow a program that has figured out, precisely, how to program them. The 531 program is not such a program. If you like to handle heavier weight, get stronger.