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Using bands and chains

I’ve read the article on “Accommodating Resistance” by Dave Tate – where he writes about attaching metal chains or large rubber bands to weighted barbells. I’m interested in finding out where to purchase these bands or chains. Anyone have any suggestions?

I was recently asking about that… I found that no hardware store had them. The toppers supply place that they reccomend is very expenisve with shipping. So I called around and finally found a place that sold used chains. And it just so happened that they had 5/8 inch… I got the whole set(2 5 foot long 5/8 thick chains and 2 5 foot long 1/4 thick chains and the 2 rings) all for 30 dollars compared to the 120 dollars i was going to pay through the toppers supply.

to get the bands do a search for a company called jump stretch. They carry the bands in several different tensions. So far as chains are concerned go to a good hardware store and ask them where they get their chains from. Usually it will be some kind of steel shop and then go directly to them and tell them what you want. This is how I found mine, as well as a friend of mine, via the same method. hope this helps.

You can go to Dave Tate’s site - elitefts.com. He sells all sizes of bands and chains in any configuration you need.

I have bought both from this site.

The chains sold at most hardware stores are too flimsy. We use chains for a large ship or boat anchor. I use bands for 6 weeks and then switch to chains for 6 weeks. It works on helping you to stablize your bench and helps with lock out strengh. We buy our stuff from a marine store. Bands are available at most on line power stores. MonsterMuscle or House of Pain or elite all carry them.