Using Anavar to Fight Bloating?

I had posted earlier about using anadrol here and several posters said they use winstrol to fight the intense bloating effects. Has anybody ever used anavar in the same way?
Proposed cycle
Wk1-8 Test E @ 500-750 mg/wk E3D
Wk1-4 Anadrol @ 100mg ED
Wk1-4 Winstrol @ 50mg EG
Wk1-4 Anavar @ 50mg ED
Wk9-12 Nolva 40/30/20/20
Adex at .25 ED throughout.
Most likely going to use the Test taper protocol described by the Nurse i believe.

Would you stick with the winny or the anavar?

You need to wait at least two weeks after your last injection of test e before starting PCT.


Var does no “fight bloating”.

Winny has a little bit of anti-progestin activity.

So a fair dose of winny can help when using anadrol.

But you have to remember that it wasn’t designed to have that effect, its simply a side effect.

Using winny to combat progestin effects is a bad plan most of the time.

BUT Anavar has NO such effects that are worth noting.

To add to West’s post - it isnt so much that users add winstrol to anadrol to combat bloating from the progesterone, it is often other problems like increased risk of gyno and the interaction of progesterone with estrogens and prolactin etc.
Of course there may be a little water held off but not enough so one would notice - the AI would see to that.

Drol alone isnt anywhere as harsh as side effects go as drol and test. Winstrol can help with that.

FWIW, i ran 750 cyp, 600 eq, 350 drol and 175 winstrol along with 0.25 letrozole and a little nolvadex and i really had very little water gain. I was actually a little disappointed as water really shoots my strength up through the roof! :wink:


lol to brook’s post.
ive been doing the proce comparisons for everything and im planning on running with test/drol/winny/nolva and maybe cutting out the adex in place of something else. not planning on starting this cycle until late fall as i’m at the tail end of my first test cycle. thanks for the input.

You can get adex cheaper from ‘research chemical CEM’ sites…

Google that.

Risky business Brook haha