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Using Anavar Correctly

Hey guys, I tried posting this in my other thread but no responses so I’m hoping to get some feedback on this post. I’m building my 4th cycle:
Test ent 600/wk 1-16
Deca 600/wk 1-16
Masteron 400/wk 6-16
Dbol 60mg/day wk1-6
Test prop 100mg eod wk 17-20 (this is to help ready my body for pct)

So, I got a good deal on some anavar tabs. I have 200 10mg tabs and I’ve never taken anavar. I’ve heard great things from flipcollar and others about this compound. I’ve read a little about it’s use as a bridge between cycles, and addition at the end of cycles. What should i do with the anavar?? Please help me out here. Maybe I should just hold off and use the var on another cycle all together? My main goal is to bulk bulk bulk on this cycle. The masteron is gonna keep my water weight low as well as help with estrogen issues. Lemme know what you think…

I like it pre training helps tremendous. As well as dieting

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Have you taken it simply as pre workout for strength increase? One dose per day like 1 hr before session? I’m thinking 50mg/day for six weeks, but I dunno whether to break it up throughout the day or just one dose. Also I’m thinking of taking it after my pct in between cycles as ive heard its not gonna shut me down completely by itself. I dunno :grinning:

It depends on the goal, I would use it to keep strength primarily. If for a recomp/prep I would try and keep stable blood levels.

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