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Using Anaconda and MAG-10 Outside of Workout Nutrition Protocol


I know I saw you post an example of your daily diet (that was NOT part of the “What I am doing now” thread) before which included Anaconda outside of the regular training protocol.

I guess this would be better off in your amino pulsing section, but I was wondering what your take was on how to go about incorporating Anaconda and MAG-10 into my daily diet. Like I would basically use them as a substitute for whey protein. I saw that you did incorporate one scoop of Anaconda into your morning wake up amino pulse protocol before. I’m presuming the same can be done with MAG-10? Sorry if this is a stupid question.

BTW-which intensified liquid flavoring do you like best? I ordered 4 orange, 2 berry, and 2 grape. I also go with dark chocolate Finibars but have never tried the better than peanut butter before.

If you’re going to pulse, do it with MAG-10. Using Anaconda would not be anymore beneficial as far as I can tell. I could be wrong, but I believe CT was pulsing with Anaconda prior to MAG-10 being available to him. That, of course, will be something for him to verify.

Oh, and you’re missing out on the peanut butter FINiBARs in my opinion. I took Stu’s advice and smashed a Chocolate and Peanut Butter one together. Magic.

Well in that case, I’ll have to order some PB FINiBARs along with the DChocalte next time around!!!

Still waiting to see what CT says about MAG-10 and Anaconda as protein powders . . .

Mate, you probably know this but CT has written numerous times about how he incorporates MAG-10 and Anaconda. He’s said Anaconda is too expensive to pulse with so he uses the MAG-10. Off the top of my head he puts something like 100-120g of MAG-10 protein into a jug and then drinks it throughout the day.