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Using AAS with Hyperthyroid?

Hello friends. Does anyone know if I can use AAS if I have increased thyroid function. I lost 6-7 kg in a little over 2 months and I want to get them back.

Is your thyroid being treated? Did you get diagnosed with Graves’ disease? Thyroid hormones are powerful shit. Bodybuilders that take a little too much T3 for weight loss can counteract all the steroids they are taking.

Hypothyroidism is fairly common. hyper is not as common, harder to treat and more serious. So if you’re not under a doctors (specialists) care already, then I would strongly recommend it.

I think everything is ok with thyroid or ?

But i feel many of hyperthyroid symptoms. Mainly fatigue and loosing weight, hot flashes too and some strange heartbeat. Last time when i use test enanthate i have really good strenght results but weight stay same as when i start.

Based on bloodwork how could you assume that’s hyperthyroid?

You are midrange on everything. Are you taking any t3 or t4 or DTH?

What was your diet when you were on cycle what is your diet now; how many calories, macros etc

Your thyroid looks good man.